Task Planning in Power BI with Microsoft Planner

In this article we describe how to add and edit Microsoft Planner tasks in Power BI.
The approach utilizes a PowerApps app that connects to the tasks available to the current user. It is freely available to paid Acterys subscribers. Alternatively please contact [email protected] in addition it will be listed on Appsource.com.

Add Microsoft Planner Task Management To Power BI

1. Just Import the Acterys Planner Tasks zip file into your PowerApps environment:

Acterys Task Planner Add PowerApps
2. Share it with the users you would like to use it
3. Add a Power BI PowerApps container to your Power BI Desktop report

Add PowerApps Visual
4. Point the PowerApps to Acterys Task Planner PowerApp
5. That’s all it takes now you can edit and add tasks directly in Planner:

Task Planning in Power BI with Microsoft Planner

Available in: German French Spanish Italian Dutch

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