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Business Performance Management Market Trends 2021

In this blog I am covering latest trends in the business performance management (BPM) market. BPM solutions in this context include software applications for business management related reporting including consolidated results, all aspects of planning (strategic, operational, driver based, zero

rolling forecast in Power BI comments
How To Implement Rolling Forecast in Power BI

How To Do Rolling Forecast With Power BI In this blog we cover how you can realize a rolling forecast with Power BI (this approach works equally with Excel Pivot Tables). A rolling forecasts is a widely used concept for

Savings Through Platform Unification

Cost Saving and Process Efficiencies for Planning & Analytics Through Platform Unification For over 20 years the Acterys founders have been very closely involved in the evolution of performance management processes working with most major technologies. In this blog we

Power BI Planning & Forecasting – Impor...

How to Implement Planning, Forecasting and Write back in Power BI Power BI is the leading analytics platform – with the right approach it can be turned into an extremely versatile and powerful platform for Planning, Forecasting and Write back.

Write Back & Planning in Power BI
How To: Write Back & Planning in Power BI

How To Do Planning In Power BI? Data entry, planning and Write-back are key aspects of the performance management process not covered out of the box in Power BI. Acterys as developed to address that by offering a comprehensive ecosystem

Financial Planning & Analytics
Do you really need the Financial Planning & A...

I have seen a lot of change in the Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) space over the last 20 year but one thing was constant: it’s not cheap. I just came back from a conference where I got first hand

A Better OLAP: Comparison Acterys with TM1 and Jedox
A Better OLAP: Comparison Acterys with IBM Plannin...

What really is OLAP? Online Analytical Processing (or OLAP) is an important concept in the analytics and planning space that was introduced by solutions like Planning Analytics (TM1), Jedox, Infor Alea and others. In this article we cover a comparison

5 Tips for better financial reporting in Excel
5 Tips for better financial reporting in Excel

Our Favorite Tips For Financial Reporting in Excel In this article I will cover a few helpful tips & tricks to improve your financial reporting and planning with Excel. In more than 20 years in the BI industry I still

Excel vs. Legacy FP&A apps: Getting Out from Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Excel vs. Legacy FP&A Apps: Get Out Between a...

If you’re an experienced FP&A pro, you’ve probably seen enough to know that many of us want the Goldilocks of FP&A tools. At one extreme is Excel. At the other, hulking enterprise solutions that often take months to implement and