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Planning & Modelling in Excel
Spreadsheet flexibility on a governed, central source.

Excel is a fantastic tool but needs to be used in the right way where data and presentation is clearly separated and part of a governed process.

The Acterys Add-on offers you the flexibility to setup reports, planning forms, etc. exactly as you need them connected to a central server model.

This enables unlimited users to effectively participate in reporting and planning processes without the hassle of having to manually maintain spreadsheets.


Data entry on standard Pivot Table or Acterys Excel formulas that is securely stored in the included Azure SQL tenant or your own SQL database.


All Acterys planning and write-back features from: top down, driver based to integrated planning.


Easy to use Wizards to exactly specify what your users can do. Detailed audit trails to easily track errors and unintended entries.


Automate report and planning form distribution as Excel file or PDF.

Why Excel Add-on?

Acterys Excel Add-on is an enterprise ready solution that automates reporting and planning with Excel flexibility.


"In a few days the integration of 11 ERP systems including SAP and Dynamics was done and I have full flexibility to edit details as required. Try it and you'll love it!"
Khaled Chowdhury
Head of Analytics, CMC Materials
"We tested all alternatives the only solution that allowed us to automated our Power BI models as well as comprehensive modelling and planning functionality is Acterys"
Karl Nixon
CFO Interior Co
"Acterys Modeller allowed us to consolidate 30 Xero companies in record time"
Antoine Meunier
Antoine Meunier
Investment Manager, Worms Safety
"We couldn't believe how quickly we had results that were perfectly integrated with our existing processes"
Lisa Tapp
CFO, San Antonio Museum

Frequently asked questions

The Acterys Add-on can be installed with any Excel 365 Edition or Excel >= Version 2016. The Add-in is part of an Acterys subscription and will work with the Azure SQL Server edition that comes with Acterys, your own Azure SQL tenant or on premise SQL Server.

Pricing for Acterys  starts at USD $49 per month. For further details please visit our pricing page 

With the Excel-Add-on installed users can write-back from any pivot table that is linked with an  Acterys model on SQL Server or Power BI. In addition you can use write-back enabled cell formulas that send back the entered value to the server without overwriting the formula.

From 20 years experience implementing analytics and planning solutions we were looking for an easier more automated way to integrate data sources and provide easy editing options for business users.

We are always looking for outstanding analyics and planning specialists as well as .NET and Java developers. Please send us a contact request.

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